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Kurt Schmidt

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Dave Lorring President AFA



Notice Nov 02, 2020.

Alaska Falconers Association call for elections:

AFA bylaws set the terms for the President, Northern Vice-President and Southern Vice-President at two years.

AFA will have an election for these positions at the end of December 2020 for the 2021 and 2022 term. Any regular member of AFA (licensed Alaska Falconer) is eligible to run for office.

I would urge anyone interested in running for office to contact Secretary/Treasurer Paul Stitt by December 15, 2020 so he can place your name on the ballot.  AFA will use on-line voting via “Survey Monkey” again this year. Paul’s phone number is 907-378-2815, e-mail  address paulstitt@gmail.com

  1. Notice Nov 02, 2020. 

Status of the March 2021 Board of Game meeting

This meeting will address several falconry related proposals will be discussed on November 18th 2020. The following paragraph is from the BOG website.

Notice is given that the Alaska Board of Game (Board) will meet via web-conference on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. to consider the following topics: Board discussion on potential changes to the January and March 2021 Board of Game meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

I’ve spoken to the Board executive director who tells me that three options will be discussed.

  1. defer the meeting to a later date.
  2. have a virtual meeting via video-conference. Or,
  3. have an in-person meeting employing the necessary social distancing/ PPE protocols.

Notice Nov 02, 2020.


  • Kurt Schmidt has set aside a week over Thanksgiving break to complete the AFA Journal.
  • Work has restarted on the AFA website including on-line payment of dues.
  • AFA will have the 2020 business meeting utilizing “Zoom” shortly.  Other than the usual business issues, I would request input from members for other items or issues that you would like included on the agenda. Please contact me directly via email or phone. I will let everyone know very soon about the day and time of the Zoom meeting.


ADFG is trying again to work with the National Park Service to reverse several actions that they took four years ago that eliminated several legal uses of fish and game resources on Preserve land created by ANILCA (Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act). One of those uses that were eliminated is the take of raptors by licensed falconers on NPS managed Preserve lands that are open to sport hunting.  ADFG reached out to AFA for our help in their efforts and I provided information on our efforts to date to reverse NPS regulations that eliminated raptor take on Preserve lands.