has three levels of access.

Subscriber -Free

Subscriber is for those just looking into falconry and trying to determine if it’s right for them. The subscriber level of access will be limited to the basic feature such as “is falconry right for you” and the Alaska falconry manual information.

In addition, you will also receive periodic emails and information about the club and any updates to the site. Not to worry though, we send very few emails so we won’t dominate your inbox.

If falconry is something you’re interested in pursuing, you should consider joining as an Associate member. You will gain access to

  • How to get started in falconry
  • Invitations to meetings & events
  • Education materials
  • Member Directory
  • On the Wing – Training How-to’s
  • Equipment and husbandry guides
  • and much more.


Regular Membership is for those that currently hold a falconry permit issued by the state of Alaska. These are voting members of the club and will have full access to the site as well as access to official business reports, documents, and voting information.


Associate membership is for those who do NOT currently hold a falconry permit in the State of Alaska, are falconer’s from another state or country, or If are interested in becoming a falconer and wanting to gain more knowledge about the sport, falconry in Alaska, or support our organization and its conservation and education efforts.

Associate members will receive newsletters as they come out and will have access to most all information on the site with the exception of club relate official business, documents, and voting.